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About US

Joe Colburn is the founder and owner of Authority Air Designs, LLC. formed in 2008.  The reason I started this company was to help contractors I knew get through the permit process.  The new regulations and codes are coming to the point where the general contractor cannot even get a permit to start the project without a Manual J design.  This new process was causing issues with the normal build it and figure out the design later procedure.  No longer could a contractor start a home and  put the HVAC System out for bid.  The HVAC Contractor had to be selected before the start of the project to get the design.


At this time, most HVAC Contractors did not have the resources to provide the designs required.  This is where Authority Air Designs came in and provided the designs to the building contractors.  The Building Contractor could now submit for a permit and send the HVAC Design out for competitive bid.  This service also allowed the HVAC Contractor the ability to level the bidding platform.  Everyone bidding was using the same design parameters.

Authority Air Designs is a very small company and provides one on one service with great attention to the small details.  When you contact us for design services, you can be assured you will feel like your design is the most important project at Authority Air.  The reason is because your design is the most important.  We take the clients and designs one at a time and the most important design is the one on the table right now.  We take great pride in our designs abilities and experience to provide you the most efficient and comfortable home possible. Once you or your client moves into the home you will immediately realize the benefits of an HVAC System designed correctly.

Joe is an avid NASCAR fan and has been to Las Vegas and Talladega Super Speedway.  He even drove 70 laps @ 180 mph at Talladega.  The experience of a lifetime.  The Martin Truex Dayton car from the year before was the car I drove.

There is nothing that compares to the excitement of driving a car into the turns at 180 mph.  You get an entire different view of what a NASCAR driver feels.  I will tell you I now know why they crash in the turns, you can only see 2 cars in front of you. The turn and angle is so steep your vision is reduced to about 30 ft. of pavement.  I went there on a cool day, 65°F and the heat in the car was incredible.  After 70 laps and 3 pit stops, I got out of the car and my shoes were so wet from sweat they squished when I walked.  I cannot image the heat in a car on a 90°F day.  It is a wonder they do not pass out after 500 miles.  

In case your wondering, favorite driver - Carl Edwards (#99).  All time favorite driver - Dale Earnhardt Sr. #3 - May he still be racing in heaven.

Favorite activity, when I can get away from my computer, bike riding.  My daughter, Sierra and I, love to ride the paths in Boulder,CO. They are gentle winding paths along the Boulder Creek with plenty of shade and places to stop for lunch.  I ride the Electra Townie 24.  I know, old man bike with big seat.  I am an old man and I really enjoy the comfort of the large seat. Nothing better than a relaxing Saturday on the Boulder Trail.