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If you ever experienced any of the issues above then, Check Out the FREE Trial of Right-Size. This Excel based program can determine the correct size furnace or air conditioner to install. It will even assist with suggestions on how to fix the duct system to install the equipment required by your heat load calculation. The software is easy to use and results are instantly displayed. One incorrectly sized system will pay for Right-Size more than 10 times.

● Easy to Follow Duct System Solutions

● Instant Equipment Capacity Displayed

● Count and Measure is ALL that is Required

● Total System Airflow Displayed

● Required System Airflow Displayed

● Easy to Select the Correct Transfer Grille

● Simple Supply Register Count Entries

● Transfer Grille Sizing

● Calculates Door Under-Cut Transfer

● ACCA or Building Sciences Methods

● Enter in Same and Different Story Rooms

● Calculates Pipe and Transfer Grille Sizes

● Combustion Air Sizing

● Enter BTU of Equipment

● Enter Room Areas to be Used

● Play ‘What-If’ Scenarios with Fittings

● Check the Duct System for Issues

Some of the Features Included in Right-Size

● Print Reports of Each Screen

Click Here to Download Your Free Trial of Right-Size Today

Click Here to Download Your Free Trial of Right-Size Today

******** Requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or Higher  ********

Have you ever sized a retrofit air conditioner or furnace incorrectly?  

Do you have trouble determining what size unit can be installed on an existing duct system?

Once you have determined the equipment size, how do you fix the duct system?

Need Help with sizing Transfer Grilles?

Are Combustion Air Requirements confusing?

BUY NOW  $199.00