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The start of every good design is a solid foundation. The foundation of the HVAC Design is the Construction Components Data. To produce extremely accurate Manual J, Manual S, Manual D, we require accurate information concerning the plans, insulation and window values, internal gains, ventilation, equipment to be used, etc. We offer several different Submittal Forms depending on the type of Design Required. Choose the submittal form most appropriate for your project.

Submit Your Design


Architects - Structural Engineers - Interior Designers typically will be uploading the AutoCAD and PDF files to supplement the construction components data supplied by the building contractor or homeowner.  For a quick and simple file uploads section with minimal information provided, please go to the Architects Upload Page.

New Construction

New Construction Form - this form will take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete if all your information is readily available. The new construction form is only for entirely new homes which require a standard design.


Remodels/Additions - form will take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete if all the information is readily available. There are typically two types of construction components. The existing construction and the new construction. This form contains existing and new construction entries to allow entry of correct construction components for each section of the project.   

Passive Solar Projects

Passive Solar Projects - is the largest of all the forms and will take about 30 to 40 minutes to complete. This form is used for homes which have been specifically designed to provide solar gains during the heating months and solar shading in the summer months.  With this type of design the window values typically vary a great deal depending by their orientation.  The home uses overhanging eaves, soffits, covered porches and solar shades to reduce the cooling loads in the summer and increase the solar heating in the winter months. Please do not use this form unless you are certain you require a passive solar design. The time to design this type of system is considerably more and there is an extra cost for our design services.

Quick Quote

If you just need a Quote for your project you can go to the Quick Quote Form.  This page has a small form to upload your plans for a price estimate on your design.

New Construction - Quick

New Construction - Quick Form -  will take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete if all your information is readily available. This form requires less information than the New Construction form but also requires the home to have standard construction throughout.  If your project has various construction components, please use the New Construction Form.