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Sample Design Reports

Every site we searched on the Internet concerning Manual J and Manual D had a sample of the reports and designs.  The one issue that stood out on every sample report, was the Manual D.  The Manual D without exception, was a design that used fittings and layouts which could never be actually installed in the field with any success.  This is a testament to the fact, most Designers providing HVAC Design Services have no field experience and are learning by reading, taking Manual J classes, or trial and error.


Manual J calculates the loads required for the home, Manual S selects the correct size equipment, Manual T sizes and places the supply registers and return grilles, and Manual D designs the duct system.  If any piece of the HVAC Design is faulty, the entire design will suffer. Each piece of the design is a building block the next piece relies on.


How do you know if the HVAC Designer has the skills to get the best possible system performance and comfort in your home?  You have no idea what Manuals J, S, T, D, RS are, or if they are done correctly.  How can you ensure the designs are correct?

All the duct system designs used in the samples are actual homes with the duct system installed exactly as shown on the design.  These samples have all been tested by an independent Energy Rater for accuracy and correct air flows.


Once you compare our designs to the competition, we feel the 35+ years of field experience will be evident to even the untrained eye. You will see a design that makes sense, and I think you will agree, could actually be installed in your home.

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Sample One.pdf

2 System New Home

3 System Remodel/Addition

9 Unico HI-Velocity Systems and Pool Dehumidifier

3 Systems w/Zoning

Designs Done Right from the Start to Finish

3 Unico HI-Velocity Systems