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Architects - Structural Engineers - Interior Designers


Architects can be the most important first step to a successful heating and cooling system in your home. Not only do they design a home which meets, and in most cases, exceeds your expectations, they are responsible for the HVAC locations.

This is certainly one of the most important steps to ensuring a successful HVAC Design. Authority Air can help with this by reviewing the design in the preliminary stages to provide best system locations, equipment sizes and preliminary duct system paths. We can also provide assistance with the zoning that may be recommended.


By sending the house drawings in the preliminary stage, preferably before they are sent to the structural engineer,  we can help make the HVAC Systems an integrated part of the home rather than an add on.


Structural Engineers are probably the most important key to making the basement ceilings flow with your floor plan.  If the structural engineer has a preliminary HVAC Design to work with, they can adjust the structural to accommodate the required mechanical system drops.


We can also help with the what ifs, and can we do this or that scenarios to get the best possible match up between function and esthetics. This process truly makes the mechanical systems part of a complete home which will not only function to the highest possible performance and comfort, but will all but disappear into the basement ceilings.  


Interior Designers have the impossible task of bringing the look and feel to the home the clients are expecting. This is a daunting job and we can help.

Everyone knows that registers and grilles are not the most attractive items to have in plain view. It is the interior designers job to try and make them disappear from immediate sight and not have your attention drawn to them. We all know they can’t just go away if you want the home to heat and cool.


We can help. We have years of experience working with interior designer to achieve the desired results. We can offer numerous ways to achieve the goals using special registers and grilles, placing them in areas that can be hidden and by exchanging ideas.  Designers have come to us with an idea of where they would like the grilles and we work to make it happen without compromising the system performance.

We feel you will be surprised how creative systems can be and still function to peak performance.