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Authority Air Designs can provide just about any type of Residential Mechanical Design.  

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Services Provided

Authority Designs strives to deliver the most complete, organized, and highest quality HVAC Designs possible. While our competitors will tell you their designs are compliant with ACCA standards, proof is in the design reports which you can see. Have a look at our Sample Section and see the difference for yourself.

We have a Submittal Section which provides the easiest way to provide all the information required to complete your design accurately.  Without accurate information, no design can be accurate. The Submittal Section is exclusive to Authority Air Designs.

The Attention to Detail can be Seen in the Design Reports

√ ACCA Manual J (Residential Load Calculation)

√ Hi Velocity Systems (Unico - Energy Saver etc.)

√ ACCA Manual S (Residential Equipment Selection)

√ Residential Hydronics

√ ACCA Manual D (Duct System Design)

√ Boiler Sizing

√ ACCA Manual T (Register Placement & Selection)

√ Baseboard

√ ACCA Manual RS (Design Standards)

√ Piping Sizing & Manifold Design

√ ACCA Manual H (Heat Pump)

√ Residential Chillers

√ REScheck Reports

√ Ventilation - HRV-ERV

√ Energy Star Checklists (Design Portion)

√ Exhaust - Makeup Air

√ ASHRAE 62.2 - Indoor Ventilation Requirements

√ Geothermal (Water to Air)

√ Humidification Loads & Sizing

√ Geothermal (Water to Water)

√ Geothermal Piping Diagram

√ Geothermal (Water to Water to Air)

The List below represents some of the more common designs requested.

Samples Designs