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License #


City of Cheyenne WY


Class C-1 HVAC

City of Cheyenne WY



Boulder County

Commercial & Residential Master

City & County of Denver


H & VA Supervisor

City & County of Denver


REF A Supervisor

City & County of Denver


Steam/HWTR Supervisor

City & County of Denver



City & County of Denver


H & VA

City of Longmont

Master Mechanical

City of Fort Collins


Specialized Contractor-HVAC

City of Fort Collins


Construction Supervisor-HVAC

Larimer County


Mechanical Class B

City of Greeley

Master Mechanical

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department



Joe Colburn is the founder and owner of Authority Air Designs, LLC. and brings years of experience to the design table.  Field experience, and many years of it, ensures the designer has the ability to design a system that can be installed in the field.  The years of actually installing, servicing, testing, designing and troubleshooting the issues can be more valuable than a degree in engineering.  This does not mean someone with an engineering degree cannot design an HVAC System which will function correctly, it just means they may not have seen how things actually work and go together in the field.

Joe Colburn has over 35 years of actual field experience and the licenses listed below to prove he is very capable of designing a system which not only works on paper, but also can be installed successfully in the field.  He has seen the end results of his designs because he was entirely responsible for any issues caused by a flaw in the design.  He worked as a service technician and service manager for many years troubleshooting and repairing poorly designed systems.  Not only can we design systems that work, we can troubleshoot a system that does not work.

The design of your HVAC System is not something to take lightly.  A poorly designed system never goes away and can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year to operate and maintain.  It is a proven fact the #1 reason for air conditioner compressor failures can be directly related to a poor HVAC Design.  The residential air conditioner will typically last well over 20 years without any repairs.  How long did your last refrigerator last? Refrigerators are basically, the same type of system used for your central cooling, and it only runs 1/3 the time your refrigerator does in a year.

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Master Mechanical Licenses Obtained

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